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BaoFeng UV-82 Dual-Band


UV-82 series two-way radio are the newest styles by BAO FENG, it has multi-functions, such as dual band, dual display, dual watch, its performances are excellent, the shape is fashionable, It has a good sales record in the communication market. It has been awarded the good reputation from our customers. It is really a cost-effective LCD dual band two-way radio, if you like it, why are you hesitating? Contact us now!! 

  • Frequency Ranges: 65-108 MHz (Commercial FM radio only). VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx). Broad (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow). High / Low Power (5W/1W). Frequency Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25 kHz.
  • Lifetime Support by Foscam Digital Tech
  • Functions include "VOX" (Voice Operated Transmission) and "OFFSET" (frequency offset for repeater access).
  • Additional features include Function Menu Display on a bright LCD screen, and Function Busy Channel Lock (BCLO) which prevents channel interference caused by simultaneous transmissions.
  • Helpful programming guides available at Baofengradio.us
  • Channel Capacity: 128
  • FM Radio enable/disable
  • Duel Band, Duel Display &   Dual watch
  • H 2800 MAH Li-ion Battery

Antenna, Back Clip And Hanging Clip Free


Offering many improvements on previous BaoFeng models (such as the UV-5R, GT-3, and UV-B Series), BaoFeng's top of the line UV-82 boasts: a louder 1 watt speaker; a new chipset and PCB board that outperform the range, accuracy, and output of the older UV-5R and UV-B chipsets; and a solid construction case featuring larger buttons than other models. Purchase from Foscam Digital Technologies to receive an exclusive 1 Year Domestic Warranty, making this one of the best values available for a ham radio purchase.

Dual Band

The UV-82 is a dual band radio that operates on 136-174MHz VHF and 400-520MHz UHF. These frequency ranges include the 2m and 70cm amateur radio frequency bands respectively.

Dual Watch

The UV-82 features a dual watch feature that allows the user to monitor two different frequencies or channels at the same time.

Dual PTT Switch

The UV-82 features a dual Push To Talk (PTT) switch that allows the user to transmit on 2 different frequencies without switching the frequency display.

  • Dual Band, (136.00-174.00 MHz,400.00-480.00 MHz)
  • Operation Tem -30  º C ~+60 º C
  • 1750Hz burst tone for repeater fxn
  • Voice guide for channel order
  • Over/Low Voltage Protection.
  • TOT, Noise Reduction Circuit, FM Radio, Receiving Alarm Call
  • Battery Save, VOX, 50 CTCSS & 210 DCS CODE
  • Battery Life : About 12 Hours
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Priory Scanning Function

3 Scanning Ways (Time, Carrier wave, Search )

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